Friday, December 28, 2007

Little bundles of Joy

Every child is special” and that’s what Taare Zameen Par is all about.

Ishaan is boy struggling to cope with the overload of home works and class works, bullies in the neighborhood and an overachieving brother. Ishaan’s world is filled with asterix, aliens and other such fictional characters.

Aamir does a splendid job in showcasing a child’s dreams and thoughts. Ishaan’s interest in the under water world, his thought process of multiplication and how he sees characters, people and things are brought to the silver screen with sensitivity and creativeness. Kudos to Aamir – excellent directorial debut.

Taare Zameen Par strikes a deep chord within us. We don’t have to force our children to run the rat race and turn into rats. We don’t have to choke them with our ambitions and aspirations. They don’t have to win everything and it is ok to loose. We don’t spend quality time with kids, trying to understand their dreams and passions and it need not be the ones which are largely acceptable by society. It brings to us, a shocking reality of how we manipulate children to really do what we want them to do and kill their spirit.

Ishaan is the real hero in this movie but credits to Aamir for bringing such a movie into an otherwise comedy, glamour sick silver screen.

Children are free spirited and corrupt less bundles of joy. So let them be.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Period of Excellence

I complete Three years in SAP today.
When i look back, i have lots to feel proud off.
Good friends, good work and some rewards - this has been a significant milestone in my career.
Hope the good luck continues....
Now, am off to celebrate.... !!!!

Through a lens

These are pics from my trip to Hampi - the world heritage site.

One has to notice the carvings on the pillars. Breathtaking.

A lone mandap - once the rani's mahal.

Pillars that speak a million stories..

More pictures to follow.....

P.S: Man, i do qualify for the DSLR :)

Chennai Special

What makes movies like Oram Po, Chennai 600028 & Pollathavan click?
No points will be awarded for the right answer.

These movies cater to a niche audience and can be appreciated only by folks from Chennai. When i say from Chennai, i mean, people who have lived in Chennai and can feel the city. The city which offers the beaches, road-side tea stalls, loads of litter, pleasant evening breezes, annoying hawkers, myriad colors of the sky. Ofcourse only some can appreciate the smell of Chennai - Not koovam but there is a smell associated with each city. Chennai reminds me spicy potato curry, suda suda sundal, newly cut mangoes, filter kaapi, masala dosa, jasmine, camphor....

These movies do not capture any of this. But their main focus is ofcourse the city. The city which throws its doors wide open and welcomes you. Chennai 28 is about gully cricket, Pollathavan is about a boy against don fight, Oram po is about the autorickshaws. But they are all about Chennai.

A must-see for every Chennaite.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sutum Vizhi Sudar Than

One of the best love songs and my favourite Bharathiyar song.

Sutum Vizhi Sudar than - Kannama
Suriye chandiraro!

Vattakkariye vizhiyil - Kannamma
Vanakkarumai kollo!

Pattu karuneela - Pudavai
Padhitthanal Vairam!

Natta nadunisiyil - Therium

Solai malar oliyo - Unathu
Sundarapunnagai than!

Neela kadalalaiye - Unathu
Nenjin alaigaladi!

Kolak kuyil oosai - Unathu
Kuralin inimaiyadi!

Valai kumariyadi - Kannamma
Maruvak kadhal kondein!!!

Sathiram pesugirai - Kannamma
Sathiram yedhukkadi?

Athiram kondavarke - Kannamma
Sathiram undodi?

Moothavar sammadhiyil - Vadhuvai
Muraigal pinbhu saivom

Kathiruppenodi! - Ithupar
Kannatthu muttham ondru!

Monday, December 03, 2007


'Billa' starring Ajith and Nayanthara is easily the most awaited movie of this year after Sivaji.
The songs are already topping the charts. (Available here)

The trailer screams of suave screenplay and direction. The cast assembled is top notch sparring Namitha. Neverthless, Ajith holds lot of promise and i beleive it would be a never-before-seen performance from the Ultimate star. The shoes he is filling is larger than life but no comparisons please.

My Name is Billa and Vethalaiya potendi bring nostalgic memories of Rajni but the new Billa will be a must see in a multiplex movie of this year.

The curtains rise and Billa hits Chennai in December.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Perfect Manager

Disclaimer: There are always some exceptions, but between few and far.

Now my title is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a perfect manager in the world of IT. Now don't get me wrong when i say this, because this is not a figment of my imagination but the truth and nothing but the truth.

There are different kinds here(strictly from my observation) and i take fancy in naming them the following way.

Spine of Jelly - This category is one who doesn't have a stiff back. His spine is so flexible that to get up the ladder, he will do anything it takes. Not knowing which is the right way, he always take the short ones.

Mac & Cheese - The name says it all. The only skill these ones possess is an undeniable ability to butter up(mind you, the layer is as thick as tar) his higher ups, subordinates and if need arises his own team members, lest he be exposed.

Highway Man - These are the ones who arguably profess 'Its my or the highway'. So they would have their ears shut and would only hear what they want to hear. Not so pleasurable to work with, this breed of men are almost always wrong.

Nocturnal owls - To say the least, they start working only after the sun has set. The worst of all, they are ignorant of your commute back home and are conviniently deaf of your mute arguments. They are the ones burning the midnight oil and getting their passion out after the clock has ticked away. Sadly enough, their rule is the law for you to abide or get sucked in.

Clueless Cupid - My personal favourite. The only primary task they do is warm their seats and keep a tab on people slipping in and out of the cafetria. Mind you, they do a lot of other significant work which requires you to be awake and devoid of brains.

Superman - This breed is slightly tolerable. Other than insisting on taking all decisions and stepping into your shoes almost all the time, they do and get some work done.

The last of this breed is the ones that pisses me the most. Wielding their powers and almost not giving you a chance to realize you have a voice, this Megalomaniacs, are the kings and we are their slaves to order around.

Having described the people we work for, you must be wondering how i continue to work. You have to grow a few more layers of ephidermis and have a deaf ear and begin to find a voice. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you are almost always ignorant of these pscychopaths surrounding you.

Good day and have a nice time typing through :))!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


In my last post i criticized SRK's choice of roles and i must say he has done an awesome performance in CHAK DE! INDIA.

Team spirit and an overdose of hockey does good for a cricket crazy nation. The girls have done their bit quite well and some of them look quite pretty and fit their roles without much ado.

Vidya sharma the captain, reminds you of someone seen somewhere before but otherwise the movie has a fresh breath that is almost nostalgic.
This is one movie of SRK which i really have to give him, from choosing to wear a rather old pair of ray ban goggles to choosing the right attire which is mostly sweats he has done the role of a coach to perfection.

It is in movies like this that one gets reminded of the excellent actor that SRK is and not the lover boy and teary eyed husband cameo(which he def needs to shed).

CHAK DE! INDIA is a must-see for everybody and gives you the satisfaction of three hours well spent.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

SAP and me

I work at SAP Labs in Bangalore. By far in the three years i have spent here, today has been the most memorable day for me.

I made a presentation to the Executive Board of SAP and was well appreciated. I have always wondered if i was being at the right place and doing the right thing. Today strengthened my beleif system and am in cloud nine.

Doing a 15minute presentation to the Board requires almost 4months of tireless work and burning the midnight oil. So many dry runs and so many more critical remarks and yet everything paid off in the end.

SAP is indeed the great place to work.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Somehow i never had the inclination to watch this Karan Johar flick which had the who's-who of Bollywood. If there is something that i dint want Indians to embrace, it is extra-marital affairs.
Infidelity is something serious and its not about one-night stands. Its about the fall of commitment, the wreckage of trust and i strongly think there can never be a sensible reason to justify this.

Yet, the movie is made of such lofty ideals and it makes a mockery of the teary-eyed women and self-hating males of the KANK cast. Well, thats all they are anyway. Of all the lot, one man emerges with much dignity and suave - AB jr. His character is the most well potrayed and only realistic one.

Here SRK and Rani rush into each others arms knowing full well they are in nuptial bonds with another person. They buzz each other's mobiles when they are supposed to be thinking about their spouses. There are few things i feel strongly about Indian culture. One of this, is sticking to your marriage. Am not saying that all wives have to go through this and stay in a stifling relationship just because they are in matrimonial commitment. But definetly marriage does not fit the fight or flight syndrome. You should try to make it work - dedicate your entire mind, body and soul into making this one relationship work.

I felt enraged that people weren't at their critical best after watching KANK. If you strike for screening Parzania which is a true story(for godsake), i say don't screen movies like KANK which kills the moral and cultural values of our society. But for Bollywood, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I cant give any credit to Karan for creating this shallow script. Next time, Karan, stick to your brains and not what wins you front pages.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The King of Grand Slam

Roger Federer ( Wimbledon Champion:2003 - 2007) proved once again that he is the King of the court.

Nadal was no easy opponent to beat. He left Federer stunned with some of his forehands and he took full five sets and sent Federer over the threshold. But it is at these moments of intense competition that a star can play his best and what we saw in the final moments was Federer at his best.

Spaniard Nadal was definetly the stronger and more ferocious of the two but it was the crucial leap from 2-2 to 4-2 in the final set that sealed the Championship for Federer. It is not easy to be a defending champion, playing against Nadal, to whom he lost the French Open finals and race towards victory taking each game, one at a time, confidently. Those final 10 minutes one can see the star like Federer orchestrate his best. His tennis is strong, composed and intuitive. His mental agility is unmatched. Although i don't prefer Federer nearing Sampras records, i still give it to him for the star he is. He matched the legendary Bjorn Borg's record of five consecutive titles in Grand Slam and is two short of Sampras' record.

Although he could reach there, he would have to look out for Nadal, the man is learning to play excellent tennis in Grass. Nadal is the undisputable leader of clay so there is something to look out for next year.

Roger Federer is making and breaking history and although Nadal played magnificently, may the best man win and he did win!! Roger Federer - King of Wimbledon.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pera Keta Chumma Athiruthulla!!!

I have been craving to write this post from the time i saw Shivaji.

So before i go any further into how the movie was..

If you are not the kind of person who doesn't mind standing for more than an hour to get tickets for a Rajni movie, or would give double the ticket price to watch it on the First day, who hasn't seen Baasha atleast five times, who doesn't know the rush of the song 'Superstaru yaarunu ketaaa..', if you think all this hue and cry for Shivaji is melodrama, dont bother reading any further!!!

Shivaji is all about Rajni. PERIOD.

People say 200bucks for a movie is a crime. I say seeing Rajni's casual stroll in the second half, the way he tosses the one rupee coin, the tea-kadai scene, Vaaji Vaaji and his make-up, what 200? I would gladly pay double of that.

Do not crib about logic or how old Rajni is. Please. Rajni has charisma oozing into every scene he appears, his ishtyle which no living person can match, his raw-magnetism which makes you want to scream 'Thailaivaa..'!! Shivaji gave us all these moments and the sets and comedy was the bonus. I was more than satisfied seeing the make-up which made Thalai look like Bhilla and Baasha. 'Mottai' was like having the second round of payasam after a hearty meal.

I thank Shankar for giving us Shivaji because just seeing a movie can bring an element of excitement in our otherwise mundane life. Waiting to get tickets for Shivaji brings a restlessness into a monotonous life. The excitement, the heated talk, the discussions on how great the movie was, makes our otherwise grumpy coffee breaks more cheerfull. For this and more energy which our Thailavar's movie can bring into our lives, he will always be our 'Superstar'!!

I have never seen Innovative this crowded ever before, PVR has two floors lined with people hoping to catch a glimpse of thalaivar, no matter how old he gets he will still be the crowd puller spanning all age groups. To hell with long distance calls from US, my sister and i talk about how great the movie was over the weekend, not fretting of the ticking dollar. Grannies, kids, teenagers, families all line up to watch our Superstar take center stage. His movies get released once every two years, he understands his audience and we got more than we could savour. If there are people who can't understand what this is all about, the movie wasn't meant for you.

Vayasanalum, unga azhagum, stylum ungalai vittu pogave pogathu!!!
Staro Staro... Nee than SUPERSTAR!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The BOSS is here!!

Its 6.00PM Thursday evening(June 14th) and am on my way back from office home.I cross Innovative multiplex where in the morning there was a huge queue for Sivaji tickets.I can hear blasting music and people cheering and bursting crackers.... Now you cant celebrate Diwali in June.

Yes, Thalaivar's movie is releasing tomm and do we have a more appropriate reason to celebrate? There are a few of my collegues who cant understand the euphoria that we feel about a movie!! I say, its not a movie, its thalai's movie.

Its difficult to explain the blood boiling energy, euphoric fans, tingling enthusiasm we feel when Rajni's movie hits the theaters every two years. He is easily 'The Personality' of Tamil Nadu. I dont care if he is not from Tamil Nadu, i still am his most die-hard fan. Why? I cant explain and i dont want to!!

People can criticize his gimmicks, stunts but here are my two cents.
Every actor has played larger than life stunts, acted 10 years younger, paired with heroines who become their moms etc..
When you can watch a Rajni's movie in the first week with like-minded people, all this goes out of the window.All we care about are his style, his style and his style!!!

Even while i write this post, there is an excitement creeping into me.. Sivaji hits theaters today!!

We welcome you and you are The BOSS!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Memories from yesteryears

My friend from college called..... That explains the Euphoria i'm in at the moment.

What is it about friends from college or school that makes conversations so special?

The fact that we can bridge the years we havent spoken with just a call... The ease and comfortable silences which you dont care to fill with cluttering talk... The way you can share everything you want to and not ask for anything back...

My days in BITS have been days of my wonder life. We have had some serious moments but mostly it has been just fun. I have some great friends who i dont talk to on a daily basis and i wont say that we are always there for each other but we can call each other in the dead of the night and on crazy mornings and feel the spirit rising. We have a couple of laughs and some wild chatter and suddenly i feel right at pace with life.

Thats the magic of having friends. To share, to care and to have fun with. You dont need too many of them but a couple of them would make a world of a difference and it does to me!!!

For me, my friends are just a call away :-)

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Mozhi brings out a gentle dignified love story while tacking the insecurities of differently abled people with enough sensitivity that you dont sympathize but challenge their courage.

The hero is a newcomer to Tamil but his portrayal evokes a genuine appreciation of a job well done. Prakashraj and Prithviraj bring out some quick and light moments with straight jokes.

The movie is full of moments which make u smile when you think back. Prakashraj caught off-guard, his proposal to Swarnamallya(who is quite bearable for a change) and celebration of Beethovan's birthday.

I sat back to think during the last few scenes when the hero lashes at the heroine asking her to give life a chance and how at certain points we just have to trust and have faith and not question the future.

Mozhi is a must see for all tamil movie goers. Its three hours of fun, love and joy and not mindless entertainment.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Take the first bus and quit waiting?

Today morning, when i boarded the office shuttle(early in the morning) a very amusing incident happenend. I'm sure many of you might wonder why i even chose to blog about this but well its my blog so to hell with your thinking :-)

My friend was listening to her iPod and the minute i landed next to her she burst out laughing. Now it makes me wonder if i forgot to wear a very essential piece of my clothing but i felt reassured when she apologised for her inappropriate laughter. Apparently she was listening to 'The Namesake' book in her iPod.

This is the era of the electronics. God took one look at us and decided its time to pamper these parched souls with madness personified.
Disclaimer: I have nothing against technological advancements.

This made me think. Is listening to a book in the iPod as good as comfortably settling in a couch and reading through a book(where u can feel it). Am i a fool to think that its not just reading a book but the myriad feelings attached to it. The smell of paper, the focused attention of the five senses, the balancing act of tea in one hand and trying to turn the page in the other... Doesn't all this count?

But then again, who really has the time to experience these feelings when weekends are spent trying to catch the left-over hours of sleep and hip hopping trains. Trust me, am not a person who uses "No time at all" as an excuse. But then There is no time at all.

This brings me to an important conclusion.
There are some people who adapt themselves to the changing needs like my friend who probably agrees that reading a book(not virutally) is always the best but she settles for something she can do more often than just dream about.

And then..
There are some people like me waiting for the right time and the right oppurtunity that we miss what we can have right here right now completely.

The big-thought bug: Is it always important to take a step back and arbitrate whether there are avenues in getting what you want, even if you cant travel the entire trip?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Postcards from Hampi

Lakshmi got me all scared when i went to feed her a banana. But she blessed me with her trunk and i was gleefully smiling like a child.

Grannies indulged in their work, idle banter and jokes exchanged. The pace of their life is slow and yet i wanted to be there where i dint have to worry about everything under the sun, where i dint have to plan every minute of my day and wait for sunshine days to come by.


Last weekend i went on a trip to Hampi - Temple town of Karnataka and a world heritage center.

Kannadasan said
Kallile kalai vannam kanden
verum kan paavai maraindhaalum
kaanum padi thandhaan

Further details on the upcoming post.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blood Diamond

'I wonder.. Would God ever forgive us for what we are doing to each other?
I realise.. God left this place a long time ago!!'
- Danny Archer, Blood Diamond.

Di Caprio is nominated for Best Actor in Leading Role for the Academy Awards and this drew my attention to watch the movie.

A Blood Diamond (also called a conflict diamond or a war diamond) is a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgent or invading army's war efforts.

The movie mainly captures an african man estranged from his family due to the civil war. How his son turns into a rebel and is forced to be a part of R.U.F is a story that shocks the very soul. Di Caprio plays a smuggler alongside Jennifer Connelly(from Beautiful Mind), a journalist.

This is Caprio's best performance ever and he has played the role to perfection. Its horrifying to realise how different the world is in Africa. The horror, the violence, the beauty, children and deprivation is quite unthinkable. Blood Diamond is a must-watch especially for women who dream of story book weddings and a 24 carot diamond for their engagement.

* The World Diamond Council set out to draft a new process, whereby all diamond roughly could be certified as coming from a non-conflict source.
* Conflict-free diamonds are diamonds of certified origin which are guaranteed not to be tainted by violence, human rights abuses, child labor, or environmental destruction.
* The Antwerp resolution called for an international certification system on the export and import of diamonds, legislation in all countries to accept only officially sealed packages of diamonds, for countries to impose criminal charges on anyone trafficking in conflict diamonds, and instituted a ban on any individual found trading in conflict diamonds

A Diamond is Forever - there is a shocking story behind this gliterring stone.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mega Serials and Mindless Entertainment

For all those, who have seen or heard about the mega serials that run in Sun TV and the likes, this might not come as a shock. For the rest, the good news is that you dont miss much even if you miss an entire week's episodes, the bad news is that it never ends.

I remember in Selvi or Annamalai, the entire episode was about Radhika climbing down a set of stairs and there are memories from the past which come as flashes.

For me, this is mindless entertainment and a cluttering nonsense in the idiot box. The quality is down to cheap entertainment and by and large the silver screen actors are paving way to the small screen.

If mega serial amounted to water supply, India would never run short of water ever.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I wonder

I wonder
A Gentle breeze titilates you,
And i wonder,
Do you bend down feeling shy or out of shame?

Was it because you sway to life's pressures
Or was it because you were too ecstasic in its touch!!

A few words that entered my mind while walking thro the fields in Walldorf, Germany.

While in Germany, i used to walk from my hotel to office, to watch these fields, hear the church bell ring and see people cycling by. Old men & women sit on park benches unmindful of the clock ticking and a myriad of thoughts and emotions cross my mind. A perfect world it is!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 - A year that was and not!!

Today is probably the time i look back at the year that whizzed past. The funny thing is i cant remember most of 2006. It just went past in a jiffy. Probably 2006 was in more hurry than i was.

Nevertheless, this year has been good. I travelled to a part in the globe which i never though i would be in. I learned to eat with Chopsticks, speak mandarin and realized that the globe was bigger and more diverse.

Germany - WorldCup FIFA 2006.
To be there in the land where the world's greatest football event was hosted was definetly an eye-opener. I learnt more about the legends Zidane, Pele and Maradonna.
Following every match, every minute of the game was exciting and FIFA 2006 was worth the effort. A memory to relish and remember for years to come :-)

Hoganekkal - Giant falls and a coracle ride. Friends to have fun with and talk and giggle. This trip was memorable and i spent a good deal of my time wading in the water.

The trips that were made and some i dint make. To Mangalore, Calcutta and Amsterdam.
I read good books and watched some excellent movies.

I wanted to make new beginnings, end old ones that wasnt meant to be. Some dreams came true while others are lignering around. I came a full circle with myself and 2006 was a milestone in my life.

I leanrt that life sometimes can be very mean on you. When your going through tough times, you simply have to keep going. This is a new beginning and am sure 2007 has lot of surprises to be unveiled and am making a positive start. Bye bye 06, Come on in 07.