Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mega Serials and Mindless Entertainment

For all those, who have seen or heard about the mega serials that run in Sun TV and the likes, this might not come as a shock. For the rest, the good news is that you dont miss much even if you miss an entire week's episodes, the bad news is that it never ends.

I remember in Selvi or Annamalai, the entire episode was about Radhika climbing down a set of stairs and there are memories from the past which come as flashes.

For me, this is mindless entertainment and a cluttering nonsense in the idiot box. The quality is down to cheap entertainment and by and large the silver screen actors are paving way to the small screen.

If mega serial amounted to water supply, India would never run short of water ever.


Siva Jayaraman said...

no doubts... but still the soap operas rule!!!! :)