Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 - A year that was and not!!

Today is probably the time i look back at the year that whizzed past. The funny thing is i cant remember most of 2006. It just went past in a jiffy. Probably 2006 was in more hurry than i was.

Nevertheless, this year has been good. I travelled to a part in the globe which i never though i would be in. I learned to eat with Chopsticks, speak mandarin and realized that the globe was bigger and more diverse.

Germany - WorldCup FIFA 2006.
To be there in the land where the world's greatest football event was hosted was definetly an eye-opener. I learnt more about the legends Zidane, Pele and Maradonna.
Following every match, every minute of the game was exciting and FIFA 2006 was worth the effort. A memory to relish and remember for years to come :-)

Hoganekkal - Giant falls and a coracle ride. Friends to have fun with and talk and giggle. This trip was memorable and i spent a good deal of my time wading in the water.

The trips that were made and some i dint make. To Mangalore, Calcutta and Amsterdam.
I read good books and watched some excellent movies.

I wanted to make new beginnings, end old ones that wasnt meant to be. Some dreams came true while others are lignering around. I came a full circle with myself and 2006 was a milestone in my life.

I leanrt that life sometimes can be very mean on you. When your going through tough times, you simply have to keep going. This is a new beginning and am sure 2007 has lot of surprises to be unveiled and am making a positive start. Bye bye 06, Come on in 07.


Vasudev Udhatya said...

And ofcourse you made some new friends too this year.. ;-)

J~ said...

Probably the FIFA one ,was the feather in ur cap...Truly a once in a life time experience...
All the very best for the New year girlie and may all ur aspirations and dreams come true in this wonderful new year.

Me said...

@vasu: Yes Ofcourse!! :-))
@J: We both know that there is just one single aspiration or dream this year ;-)

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