Monday, January 08, 2007

I wonder

I wonder
A Gentle breeze titilates you,
And i wonder,
Do you bend down feeling shy or out of shame?

Was it because you sway to life's pressures
Or was it because you were too ecstasic in its touch!!

A few words that entered my mind while walking thro the fields in Walldorf, Germany.

While in Germany, i used to walk from my hotel to office, to watch these fields, hear the church bell ring and see people cycling by. Old men & women sit on park benches unmindful of the clock ticking and a myriad of thoughts and emotions cross my mind. A perfect world it is!!


J~ said...

Nice blog Meera..
Reminds me of the calm and beautiful countryside of France..
Far from the maddening crowd.. There is a world so so wonderful...

Yuva said...

yes, it is perfect world..

and mine is here.. 'Perfect world'

Ms.N said...

nice poetry!