Thursday, July 20, 2006


When i told people that i visited Venice, the first question was 'Did u take the gondola ride'? The answer was a NO and an added wait for the prince charming to accompany me. With Venice on the list for the city of love, no point taking a gondola ride alone.

I landed in Venice without a good night's sleep and catching a good hour of it even if it meant stratching myself on the railway platform din't seem very disgusting.
I have to remind you that when ur in abroad, things are almost always spotlessly clean and i took that as an excuse.

The first sight of Venice took me by shock. I stepped outside the train station and bingo there is water. No roads but canals. Now this is truly a water city.
Being built on water, Venice is a romantic place.

But something told me Kerala was better.

I want to write more, but this post has been lying here for long so before it rust and melts i publish :)


catch 22 said...

Princ Charming ,huh ;). Lucky you for being where u have been . Venice is one city which I would like to visit once in my life time.(Ofcourse my princess would accompany me ;))

J~ said...

Wow... Venice...Wonderful place to be..I am so glad u were there..
Prince charmin.... am sure there is a big bunch out there waitn,Meera.. have fun man..
Kerala back waters.. yes..nature untouched.. in its own tone of beauty..

Me said...

@catch22: Well dont say i dint warn you... Kerala is better :)
@j:Am not interested in the big bunch.

catch 22 said...

As you say me :)

Dammy said...

what if George Clooney is in that bunch.. ;)

Venice is a good place but also has a lot of hype attached to it(something common among all Eurpean cities). Not sure why people find it romantic..
I say small towns, villages, ForestsMountainsRivers(go hiking) are the places to visit in Europe even if U R on a honeymoon

I too prefer Western Ghats over Venice :)

Ms.N said...

u've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

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