Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Somehow i never had the inclination to watch this Karan Johar flick which had the who's-who of Bollywood. If there is something that i dint want Indians to embrace, it is extra-marital affairs.
Infidelity is something serious and its not about one-night stands. Its about the fall of commitment, the wreckage of trust and i strongly think there can never be a sensible reason to justify this.

Yet, the movie is made of such lofty ideals and it makes a mockery of the teary-eyed women and self-hating males of the KANK cast. Well, thats all they are anyway. Of all the lot, one man emerges with much dignity and suave - AB jr. His character is the most well potrayed and only realistic one.

Here SRK and Rani rush into each others arms knowing full well they are in nuptial bonds with another person. They buzz each other's mobiles when they are supposed to be thinking about their spouses. There are few things i feel strongly about Indian culture. One of this, is sticking to your marriage. Am not saying that all wives have to go through this and stay in a stifling relationship just because they are in matrimonial commitment. But definetly marriage does not fit the fight or flight syndrome. You should try to make it work - dedicate your entire mind, body and soul into making this one relationship work.

I felt enraged that people weren't at their critical best after watching KANK. If you strike for screening Parzania which is a true story(for godsake), i say don't screen movies like KANK which kills the moral and cultural values of our society. But for Bollywood, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I cant give any credit to Karan for creating this shallow script. Next time, Karan, stick to your brains and not what wins you front pages.


Ms.N said...

hey - tx for the compliment...
btw, if u arent already aware, KANK is taken off from an 'aangilam' engleesh movie 'closer'...

did u think Karan wud have thought this all up? he didnt even have the guts to make an exact replica..

anyways, i am not a fan of the original as well...but a friend said that she watched it the second time and she understood...

try seeing the original!