Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Postcards from Hampi

Lakshmi got me all scared when i went to feed her a banana. But she blessed me with her trunk and i was gleefully smiling like a child.

Grannies indulged in their work, idle banter and jokes exchanged. The pace of their life is slow and yet i wanted to be there where i dint have to worry about everything under the sun, where i dint have to plan every minute of my day and wait for sunshine days to come by.


Ms.N said...

nice pics girl... so was the place worth it???

Me said...

@ms.n: Yes. Definetly!!

Vasudev Udhatya said...

well.. Hampi was too hyped up.. after seeing belur and halabedu , hampi was disappointing.We need to have good visualizing skills to enjoy hampi.Photo's are topclass.I feel lakshmi would have got afraid after seeing you.. he he :-)

Raghini said...

hey... where are u? why have u gone missing?

Ms.N said...

hey gal. heard u in germ again!! wheres the posts?

Me said...

@Vasu: Ithellam over. I like Hampi maybe cos of the people more than the place. Hee hee!!
@rags: Me in Germany.
@ms.n: Yup..too busy with work. But was snowing a couple of days here and its the first time am driving when its snowing. Was quite a thing.

Prabhu said...

Did u shoot this pic urself Meera ?
Really nice pic.