Sunday, September 02, 2007


In my last post i criticized SRK's choice of roles and i must say he has done an awesome performance in CHAK DE! INDIA.

Team spirit and an overdose of hockey does good for a cricket crazy nation. The girls have done their bit quite well and some of them look quite pretty and fit their roles without much ado.

Vidya sharma the captain, reminds you of someone seen somewhere before but otherwise the movie has a fresh breath that is almost nostalgic.
This is one movie of SRK which i really have to give him, from choosing to wear a rather old pair of ray ban goggles to choosing the right attire which is mostly sweats he has done the role of a coach to perfection.

It is in movies like this that one gets reminded of the excellent actor that SRK is and not the lover boy and teary eyed husband cameo(which he def needs to shed).

CHAK DE! INDIA is a must-see for everybody and gives you the satisfaction of three hours well spent.


Dammy said...

movie was good .. passionate .. I liked the comedy too ..

Prefer Aamir over SRK in such roles .. infact maybe any role except for the silly ones usually done by SRK .. :)