Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Two Down!!!

Couple of weeks ago, one of my college friends got married. And that makes it Two Down!!

I have written a lot about matrimony so i wud save this space from that. This is not about matrimony, not as a whole that is.

I remember the times we were all together in BITS. A bunch of girls, born to have fun and we dint have a care in the world. There was always a smile, a bounce in our feet and a cheery attitude. We had whacky ideas, wild dreams - some came true others.. well,we still have time dont we?

I landed in the marriage hall the previous day for the reception and decided to camp for the night there. There was much catching up to do - I hadn't met some of them for over a year and so much would have happened.

It was nice to watch my friend getting dressed to stand in front of a hundred people alongside the man she loved and was to spend the rest of her life with. I was so happy for her. It was nice helping her around and fussing about. After all this was her day, she was the only star the would light the sky.

As gorgeous as ever, she walked center stage, beamed at her fiancee and a small tear rolled down my eyes. Sometimes when ur whole heart is choked with such emotion, a queer display happens.

We enjoyed looking at her from a distance, teasing her and letting her enjoy these precious moments.

I spent the night in another friend's house and we talked abt this and that and slept. When we arrived the next day, we had missed some parts of the wedding.

Finally when it was time to tie the knot, i went near them to take a picture.
I like doing that.
Freezing that moment into eternity.
When ur thoughts fade and become memories,
this one frame would help you bring those moments alive again!!

Now was the time, they had become man and wife. They were entering into another dimension in their lives. Till death do us part. And that makes it Two down!!

I slowly slipped back into my chair, remembering those together times!! Time races past us and instead of racing with it, i let loose my reins, laid my guards down and enjoyed this moment....!!

Viji, this is to you.. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.
May the romance and the insanity never end!!!


Silpa said...

From Two down i want you to make it three down :-)
And allow me to be the writer of the same scenario and you being the subject of my writing.

Raghini said...

I shall also join in doing the above writing... eagerly waiting for the number to go up gal ;-)

By the way, very nicely written... in hindsight, we seem to have been a bunch of kids during those days :-)

Arjun.C.N said...

thats nice to read... I somehow missed all the fun in the first marriage of our gang. Cos the guy went onto marry the girl he loved in secrecy and we dint know he was married for about 2 weeks!!!

But tht was better... atleast our gang knew about it after 2 weeks. The whole class knew about this after a year!!! Waiting for an official one to happen soon!!!

Me said...

@ Silpa: Hugs to you dear!! Permission granted!!

@ Raghini: Ur telling me.. ur part of the game babe!! We were a bunch of kids.. in some ways we still are ;-))

@ arjun: uh-huh.. 2 weeks!! You witness and post and i shall b waiting to read ;-))

Anonymous said...

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