Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I started watching friends when i was in college and they have become a part of my life. It seems to me that the characters of this TV show have grown on me. Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe are a part of my world. I've watched every episode on Z Cafe and Star World and bored my apt-mate to death. I say FRIENDS Rule. They make me laugh, smile and feel sad. I could sit tight in a place and watch friends for 2 hours straight.. no questions asked.

There are some funny things i've read abt friends. For instance, every man wants to be like joey, thinks he's like chandler but is actually a neurotic like Ross. I couldn't agree more ;-))

From cheesecakes to pumpkin pies, from frooseball to name-all-the-states games, from young girls to moms these people have gone thro a hell of a time!!

Somehow when i saw the last show of Friends i was as sad as they were .. 10 years of acting a part, its very difficult to let it go!!!

I've watched them in the Oprah Winfrey show.. i've watched the BLOOPERS and i love watching FRIENDS and sadly i make no secret of it. I wish this show is never taken off the air but i can just wish.


catch 22 said...

"For instance, every man wants to be like joey, thinks he's like chandler but is actually a neurotic like Ross. I couldn't agree more ;-)) "
Well, are you sure abt it ;)

Rocking Chick said...

I hope ity never dies off too....

Just last night I could barely keep my eyes open but saw the episode , of Monica and Chandlers marriage, for the zillionth time...i even knew each dialog by heart :o)

They rock....I actually took the pains ( no effort for me, but for some) to downloaqd itas season 10 from the net....its on my home PC and verytime i want to chill...i just watch those...

2 hrs is a piece of cake...i have spent more than 4 hrs without miooving from my bed watching season 10 :o)

Kapil said...

so do i ..so do i

Arjun.C.N said...

how did u come to a conclusion about men wanting to be Joey Chandler or Ross??

All i want is a wife like MONICA!!! High time i got some discipline in my life!!! :-))

The best collection i have so far in my house!!! I just watch it over n over... now the first season cd's dont work... Complete set of episodes with the interviews n bloopers!!! Man its awesome...

I have switched to other sopas now... PRISON BREAK is way too cool!!! so is LOST. Try getting ur hands on them. U will love it!!!

Right now am watching PB over n over!!!

Me said...

@Catch22: Thats for me to know and for you to find out :))
@Rocking chick: u beat me to that.. the longest i have watched is 3 hrs.. :))
@kapil: Welcome aboard!!
@arjun: Yeah its time i moved on.. wife like MONICA- all the very best.. would like to know the BEFORE and AFTER parts of that !!

Arvind said...

a smart friend of mine who is very good at punning once said thus about friends.

"it is something where people talk about sex and other sex."

what do you say?


bharat said...

God bless DVDs and DVD rentals!

Me said...

@arvind: I agree... (That ur friend is smart) :))
@bharath: God Bless