Thursday, March 16, 2006


“You want to know what India is like…right now…? Take a champagne bottle…shake it for an hour…and open the cork…! You don’t want to come in the way of the cork…!”
- Friedman, Author (The world is flat)

A method to madness, self-organized existense!!

India - 1 billion reasons to care!!!


Arjun.C.N said...

As the anchor said its a 3000 year old resurgence!!!The west sitting up and taking a notice about India is an accolade in itself.

But i believe this is just the start. The best is yet to come. All of us know that,but when??? When will the volcano erupt??? Once it erupts then there is no stopping it!!!

I wouldnt agree to what the guy Prahalad said in the video. The GOVT is certainly not sleeping. They are doing their best. With this huge population n numerous loopholes it is gonna take a lot of time...

But the most impressing stuff was... when the anchor asked the shopkeeper.. WHERE DO U SEE INDIA BEHIND US?? He promptly replied without hesitation... INDIA IS NOT BEHIND U ITS WITH U... Man... that was awesome... that is what drives us... INDIA ROCKS!!!!

Arvind said...

I saw this video before. I thought the ant-colony and beehive metaphor was funny. After centuries of existence - not to mention the culture we boast so much about - all we can be proud of is this method in madness when the fellow condescendingly compares us to the bees and ants. Madness!!


Ms.N said...

hey...interesting video ....where did u get it babe?

Me said...

@ Arjun: The best is yet to come!!
@ arvind: Its prob not jus the madness, its prob about with all the problems we face we are striving to achieve.
@ Ms N: forward ;-)