Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When your not welcome..

If u had read the hindu yesterday, u wud know what i'm talking abt!!

Yes it is abt the visit of the PRESIDENT of the United States and how clearly he is not welcome here in INDIA!!

This article by arundhati roy clearly states the anguish and humiliation people suffer from this man's action.

I, for one, can only mock at George Bush. For those numerous forwards i receive when this man is caught in the act to his 'WAR on TERRORISM' i can only MOCK!!

There is a committee of people who are protesting this man's visit. I'm just curious abt what he would say, when in India.

Like i said, you can fight them, shun them but you cant ignore them.

Well, this man's visit proves one thing...
India is part of the game and we always play to win!! ;-))


Avi said...

Yep, lets always play to win... till then , here is a link for u .... http://www.andyfoulds.co.uk/amusement/bushv2.htm

Anand M.S said...

We are so used to beating around the bush...