Monday, February 27, 2006

All the road is a dustbin!!

I was walking past the KARNATAKA Pollution Control board and cudn't help but smile at the irony. The board was fully blocked by a group of men (middle-aged mind you) and a cloud of smoke. Certainly, Pollution Control Board!!

While i was driving in chennai there was a guy in front of me, driving a moped and the number of times he spat right in the middle of the road oblivious to people around him, if he had done it at one spot there would have been a pool of salivia. I'm disgusted.

When people come out of theatres, get down from BMTC, walk out of shopping malls, they just get rid of the bills, tickets immediately. You see all the road is a dustbin.

So a quick question how would you feel if i came to your house every morning threw confetti and spat on ur walls and got a few animals to add to the stink. Not very good i presume, so what makes us, Indians, to do it in public places. Shouldn't we be more conscious of using public spaces?

Most of us have visited places abroad and am sure you would agree that u cud even sleep on the streets. But sadly in india, people do sleep on the streets, not because its clean but they have nowhere else to go. Its used as a huge garbage dump.

My colleague from Germany once told me a very interesting story. There were four of them in all, drunk and groggy-headed. They had just reached home, it was well past midnight and they had opened the gate. One of them had to pee and he cudn't wait till he reached the rest room inside his house. So he opted to use his own garden. Unfortunately, for him, the police was patroling and caught him in the act. And he was charged with 'Public Nuisance and indiscipline' in his own garden. BEAT THAT!!??!

So you see fellow conuntry men, we have a lot to learn from people across the globe and its only when we become aware of such issues will we be better people and responsible citizens . Till then, neither u nor i have the right to question what the government has done for us dutiful tax paying, law-abiding citizens!!


mama said...

u know what i learn.
make a LAW and give the POLICE all the power.
TEN LASHES for anyone who disobeys - like how they do it in Singapore.
And this should be done in Public. Not inside a Police Station.
Then people will learn.

therearview said...

A very important thought, Infact this was the issue which Director Shankar dealt in his moive Anniyan. We Indians are very sensitive when it comes to keeping our place clean and when it comes to other's place, we are not bothered. That's the underlying problem which needs to be sorted out. i just remembered an article that i read day before yesterday which said Chinese government is planing to spend few million dollars in educating the general public about not spiting on the roads, courtesy 2008 olympics. For a country like India there needs to be continous awareness programs and check points. Unless and until the basic issues are addressed it is going to be tough to handle these issues.

JR said...

Things like not littering the road etc. are part of basic personality traits of a human being, and needs no special education or awareness etc. These kind of behavior is due to sheer indolence. This can be eradicated only if laziness is eradicated. Basically, good personality traits has to be built in the genes!!

Me said...

@ mama: Hit them to make them bow..the only philosophy that might work with indians
@thereaview: The problem with indians is the relunctance to learn and change their ways.. we have a long way to go. But we need to make a beginning somewhere..
@Jr:You can blame the genes for your habits. Its your environment and the upbringing.

Prabhu said...

When I read ur blog, what i remembered is an article I read of Pres. Kalam. It was a request not to litter, and to bring about consciousness in every Indian. Since then I made a decision not to litter on the streets... Well, sometimes there are no bins at all on the road, and u have no option.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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