Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Government to go ahead with 27% reservation
Amidst growing agitation and hunger strikes, the UPA government decided to go ahead with reservation. Clearly this would kindle the burning fire.

We spoke about brain drain, tell me what kind of patriotism would exist in the minds of youth if they are told that you did not get into a med school because your forward caste. Never mind the 99% he would have scored. These are some of the bright minds of the country.

Shouldnt the govt look towards funneling their education and help them reach the zenith. Instead it has reached a conclusion which would nip their dreams and aspirations.

Reservation is a lousy way of tackling the issue of equality for backward classes. It fails to address the root cause. Why are they backward? Is it because they did not get educated in Harvard and Stanford? Is it because they dont drive around in a merc? Primarily because they are financially backward. They cant make ends meet and have no money to feed their howling stomachs. Would reservation solve this problem?

When more a billion people can see this truth clearly, why do people in power fail to open their eyes to this truth? Vote bank i was told. Aren't we fools to vote for such leaders? Oh Yes we are, bigger fools than them.


WhO ElsE said...

What is appalling more than the decision itself, is the lack of any rationale or planning behind the action... The way in which the HRD Minister (I am ashamed to call him that) made a fool of himself when interviewed by Karan Thappar is for the world to see..

Reservation based on eceonomic status or for rural populations, where awareness and exposure is less, makes much more sense, but for the short term... But for India to really shine, the target should be the grass roots, that is, aim at increasing education awareness and exposure in rural areas rather than take the easy way out by offering reservations, and thereby killing the mocking birds.....

Arvind said...

isn't the blog increasingly becoming issue based? Smiles. anyway, you might be interested in this. lots of statistics are presented here.


Me said...

@who else: ur right abt addressing issues @ grass root levels.
@arvind: Well yes .. but i blog abt things are mostly on my thoughts and reservation has been disturbing my rather quite mind for sometime now

Vasudev Udhatya said...

It's high time we remove the word equality from our CONSTITUTION.lets have the same reservation quota during ministry forming too. Watsay ?

Dammy said...

These dharnas and strikes have seldom achieved their goals. In reality, EVIL always wins over GOOD.

In this dog-eat-dog world, nobody wants to compete fair, there’s too much at stake and everyone wants an edge over the other.

It’s been 25yrs and I still find it so difficult to love my countrymen. And what can I say about my country’s elected representatives who decide to award quotas in 2006 based on statistical records taken in 1931. Why don’t they think of providing good education to the poor and solve this problem forever. Why are these politicians hell bent on discriminating people. Why create hatredness among various sections of people. Why can’t they think beyond votebanks… Will they be able to die peacefully when their time comes??

Wish Indian Judiciary was atleast strong enough to tackle murder, rape, corruption, extortion….that would have given a chance for few honest educated individuals to look at politics as a career. Alas, it still remains a wish.

I sound hopeless, ‘cause I know the situation is pathetic. And if I start bothering myself with this mess, I will never be able to enjoy my life. Then I think, am I really enjoying life now.

One more wish – Wipe out all humans from this planet FULLSTOP

J~ said...

Well written Meera...

It is clearly evident from this move that the decision was totally tailored or manipulated for political ‘reservations’ rather than reservations for the socially downtrodden lot.
My heart goes to all our fellow mates who tried so hard, bearing the scorchin sun and violent blows ,all for a worthy cause.

Me said...

@vasu: Equality is a simple word , it the truth that is twisted by knaves that makes it smell shitty.
@dammy: Welcome to blogoville..
@J: Thanks. Your right..these days everything has political undercurrents.

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