Friday, January 07, 2011


Before any of you start thinking this post is about my memories or incidents that qualified as the best of 2010, i shall stop you here. This is the best of 2010 but with regards to music.

Everybody who knows me, know that am a sucker for Tamil Cinema. Please to note Tamil in the cinema, i haven't watched Inception or Break ke Baad, so am not great in other languages but Tamil Cinema, oh yes.
When we were in college and ghotting for exams, we had Illaiyaraja hits playing in the background. There were some songs that always used to go on a loop, rewind, play, rewind, play.. you get the idea. That would go on until the tape started to squeak. This was before the i's(iPhone, iPad, iPod) and the shuffle, MP3 zamana...(i know, i'm ancient). Such was the fate of Pani Vizhum Malar Vanam and Idhayil Kathai ezhuthum...

Music is integrated into my life and i would play cinema songs in the car, while cooking, taking a shower(??!!) and sometimes while praying(i cant help it, it just comes to my mind. Pillayar..please to forgive ). So why not round up on the Best of 2010 in Tamil Cinema and am only listing the songs where i liked the video too.

* Arima Arima(Endhiran) - It has to start with Thalaivar, otherwise it would be Blasphemy
* Aaromale(Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya) - Simbu ..SIGH!! But loved the guitar and ARR.. u rock Rahman.
* Karigalan(Vettaikaran) - This is foot tapping and Vijay songs just gets your adrenaline pumping. (K, i get reminded of Mudhuri cake too when i listen to this now, so send some my way soon).
* Idhu Varai(Goa) - Andrea is mesmerizing and this doesnt follow the standard structure which makes it more unique.
* Iragai Pole(Naan Mahan Alla) - Yuvan totally rocked in this song. The Mr. still doesnt get it but i like the hum and the voice.
* Thakuthey Kann(Bana Kathadi) - Did i say Yuvan rocks?
* Adada Mazhai Da(Paiyaa) - This song was great for both the dance and the music. Good work.
* Usurey Poguthey(Raavanan) - There is a funny story i recollect when i listen to this song(Thanks to K again). I wish it wasnt Aishwarya but i think Mani has learnt his lesson.
* Who's the hero(ManMadhan Ambu) - This song is again by Andrea and man can this women sing.

So here i go tagging K, Jawz, KP and Anu. List the Best of 2010 and make your own criteria.


Dr.Sameena Prathap

A great rewind...:)Happy new year to you!:)



Bharathy said...

I was going thru the list and realised I LOVE ALL!!!

Karikalan ;)...iragai pole, idhuvarai, ada mazhai..bana kannadi song...and the one from boss eng baskaran..hmm....che..&^%$ cant remember!! but you get it right??;)
Yuvan ROCKS!!!!

Bharathy said...

gotcha! thathi thavum paper nan.. ;) :D :D

all substanceless songs Meera, which I to listen to hum and even sing a bit secretly ;) ;)

this humble singer got a chance to perfor the female voice for oru 'Chinna thamarai' (vettaikaran) with Laxman shruthi orchestra, 4 days ago...received tons of appreciations :)

Ms.N said...

haha - i didnt see the tag at the end of the post. :)

I have to say - i loved the goa song too - idhuvarai. was my ringtone for a while... but couple of times the cough (at the start) scared the wits out of me...travails of livin alone i suppose!

will think of more!

have u listened to the remix - it goes isai kalaingyan naan... (yogi some guy) ... loving it!