Thursday, January 27, 2011

India Chronicles - Part 1

CHENNAI - This city is in my blood... the sweat in my forehead, the noise ringing in my ears, the quickness in my step are all genetic from being born here. So when i landed, i anticipated thrills, shocks, laughter,amusement, smiles and chennai.

* You can feel your ears and they can listen. Not just the horns, the pressure cooker, television, phone... all from your neighbours house.
* It is not ok to be brown to be indian. So please apply fair & lovely or vivel if you want to be visible.
* Every "friendly" neighbour and your maid servant will be interested in the US economy and your green card status.
* I dont care if the seat belt sign is on, the minute the landing gear hits ground, i will get up, grab cabin baggage, jostle the queue, race immigration and wait forever for baggage to arrive(tirupathila balajiya kooda parkalam check in baggage .....)
* Pallavan -> Auto -> share auto -> Jeep -> Volvo Pallavan ( Life does come full circle). Obama should take a leaf out of chennai for public transport.
* Indian advertisements rock. Watched some really funny ones... video links soon :)

...to be continued.


Anu Karthik said...

Meera girl- your enthusiasm is visible in these lines :) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like ur enjoyin Chennai..hope ur not missin' the snow:-))
Eat, sleep and watch lotsa t.v.
Have fun and take care.

Bharathy said...

before i go to your next post, babe tell me ur chennai add..cant wait to be your (moooost)wicked neighbour ;)

P.S- loving the post too much!