Sunday, January 30, 2011

India Chronicles - Part 2

* Chennai highways kicks ass - NH 45 truly rocks. Would love to wield the wheel but would be stumped without taking orders from GPS. Bengalooru are you taking notes?

* Radio mirchi - This was an obsession of sorts, so am listening to FM everytime we drive and my dad aint happy about it. He hates the annoying RJs and their lame jokes and i actually miss them :D He thinks i'm cracked in the head... too late appa.

* New addiction - Yathey Yathey ennachoo... Dhanush sent Vijay into oblivion.

* World Cup is all you need to know. NFL or World Cup.. which do you think is more popular?
(Any suggestions on how to catch the Superbowl in india.. i know SIGH!!)

* SRK, Rajnikanth, Amitabh, Aamir Khan are all part of Indian of the year.. for what exactly? Guess the same reasons for why US is obsessed with Brangelina more than healthcare and yes Brad enough with the babies.

* Radio Tags on Indian students is causing a huge outcry. Why do i think that is not the issue we should be worried about? 

* As promised... Internation Pheeling... Take it Rasa!!

(to be continued)


Anu Karthik said...

I love this ad..too cool!

Bharathy said...

* In strong love with the golden quadrilateral! jump into the car and am in chennai within 3 hrs (320kms zoom zoom)

* semma hot machee
for peppy girls like u n mee ;)

* just listened..(kalam pona pokku..amaricavulernthu inge vanthu tamizh song updation nadakkuthu..) thanks for the link! :)

*sorry (sportsukkum nammakkum distance rombave jasthi)

* some food for thought(though am lost in thought)(seriya puriyale)*wink (tube light)

*sorry (newskkum....);)


Anil P said...

The joy of 'back home' no less.