Sunday, September 14, 2008

SAROJA - HEROES all the way!!!

SAROJA directed by Venkat Prabhu is a thriller alright. The comedy is so good that even the normal kidnapping story has been made edge-of -the-seat, laugh your heart out thriller. A big Hi-Five to Venkat. The movie has some real good highlights - Chennai 600028's main cast in a scene, Siva's TV serial dialogues - a real rib tickler, Premji's never tiring romantic interludes, SPB Charan's rolly polly figure and ofcourse the new-comer Vaibhar(he is going places).
The women in the movie are non-existent and Yuvan has some good numbers to his cap. I loved Jai's tation dialogue and Shiva's entry. Jairam and Prakash Raj give a seasoned performance and Sampath has done a commendable job.
Seeing Saroja restored my belief in Tamil Cinema. Off late i have seen some real dampners like Kuruvi and Kuselan and was wondering why heroes take the style, statement, dialogue, item number and stunt route all the time. They should be willing to experiment new stories and don better characters. Although the story is a tad old, Venkat has handled the screenplay and casting with finesse.
Vekat doesnt disappoint his cult fan following. SAROJA - Heroes all the way!!!


Anu Karthik said...

really, you liked the movie??