Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bundle of Joy

The past few days my primary job is to entertain a 8 month old little angel so she eats her cerelac and drinks her milk with a smile. Ever since i styled my crowning glory, i assume she thinks am her puppy.

Babies are the form of God. Their smile steals your heart and when they grasp you with their delicate fingers, your heart skips a beat. Never mind, that to bring them into this transient world, the mother has to endure a year of pain & struggle but one look at her blessing and the pain vanishes.

I wonder what goes inside the mind of this little bundle of joy. Do they think we are funny since we entertain them with our acrobatics and mimic all animals to make her smile? Do they understand when we speak to them? This angel, Aradhana, has learnt to make noises drumming her fingers on her mouth and gargling water. All i want to do is scoop her up and flood her with kisses when she does this with a mischeivous smile. I'm almost sure she already knows that we love it when she does this.

When we our born we have no impression of this world, so i'm certain that what we are today is how we are raised. The experiences, the people and the family are the people who shape us. We are born with a clean slate and every kid is special and the embodiment of God. Isn't it then uncouth to separate and categorize them like vegetables in a supermarket with price tags? Will our generation shed this surreal hypocrisy and move ahead? Will we be the carriers of change, the suffering for the greater good?

I'm not sure of the answers but i know every moment i spend with her is a moment of immense joy and i cherish it with all my heart. She is a very special kid with loving parents and am sure she will grow up to be a lovely girl. I just wish the world takes good care of her.

Someday she will know this post was about her, till then sleep on my lovely angel, dont grow up too fast!!!