Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary and Chiru

Chiranjeevi launched his party Prajarajyam yesterday in Tirupathi amidst much fanfare and a huge fan following.

Hillary Cliton urged democratic party supporters to vote for Barack Obama to end eight years of poor failed Repulblican rule.

Chiru is from a middle class family who spent the better part of his 30 years in tinsel town, paving his way to become the leader of AP. It is not new in India that stars turn politicians overnight and hands down, they win elections. Although Chiru vouches to get rid of corruption, support agriculture, aid IT development and tackle Naxalites, only the future will tell us which of these will see the light of the day.

Hillary, the first ever woman who was so close to being the President, gave a emphatic speech to garner support for Barack Obama. Anybody who reads her transcript have to say that she said the right words and there is a ring of presidency in those words. Healthcare, Mortgage crisis, war, outsourcing and oil are the key issues threatening to topple the economy of US and she hit the nail on the head by shedding light on the failed Republican rule. She spent years as a New York Senator and has tangible plans for making the economy stronger and hope for a better tommorrow.

Looking at both these events, i wonder if India is heading in the right direction. Is it healthy for a nation that is developing at such a rapid pace to support yesteryear superstars to head the country? Are we encouraging people to choose shortcuts to get to the top? How much does Chiru really know about foreign affairs and infrastructure development? Are we asking the right questions? Will Indian politics ever get cleaner and greener?

God Bless India. Godspeed.