Thursday, August 14, 2008

Indian Sport: Chasing the dark

Lets be fair here; By a show of hands how many of us knew either Abhinav Bindra or Saina Nehwal before Olympics? Or even better before Abhinav won the gold.

To be fair, Abhinav winning the gold medal is a moment of great pride and joy for the nation, but by no means is this nation worthy of any credit, for supporting this man's dreams. It belongs to him and his family alone. India is a cricket crazy nation and not only does this sport occupy most of the sports pages but it does not entertain the common man. People who make it to the indian team do it against all odds and even when they play they play against all odds.

Other than cricket, no other sport is watched and encouraged. Paes, Bhupathi and Sania Mirza stirred some interest in Tennis but that dint last for long. Indians spend more time measuring Sania's skirt length than appreciate her forehand. Even CHAK DE does not motivate people to watch Hockey.

People like Abhinav Bindra and Saina Nehwal chased their dreams without any support from the government. They were not encouraged by the people of this country. They fought their battles alone to go about playing or shooting, to be precise, the sport they were passionate about. To say that their win brings hope for more olympic victories is like chasing the dark.

Bindra and Nehwal did not succeed because of the system; they succeeded despite it.