Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The world in my Hands!!!

I logged into facebook after a really long time and found this tool and really liked it. I always wanted to keep track of the places i've visited and the ones am eager to visit. I recently wanted to do a wholescale research on Alaska and then i dint want to plan too much too early so i stopped.

Here is a snapshot of the places i've visited and some which i want to visit. Also specially marked are the places that are my favourites. This is a tool provided by tripadvisor and although the original tool provides the names of the cities i decided to leave it aside for you guys to guess!! So go ahead and have some fun.


Dammy said...


Meera said...

Kolkata, Greece, Munich, Vienna and Sydney

Ms.N said...

Maybe u shd include the interactive version of the tool into ur blog... if such a thing is available! that would be more intersting....