Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sex and the City

When you are bored to your wits end and then utterly jobless, i thank god for sitcoms like Friends and Sex and the City.

I have watched FRIENDS so many times that i can even remember the witty remarks of Chandler and every episode crystal clear so this time around i chose SATC to kill my boredom.
My good friend K had told me about this sitcom when i had kicked the idiot box out of my life and finally i found my way to it.

Although i was skeptical about the series and wondered which would feature more Sex or the City, having watched it i could say two scoops of each and shake it with a Cosmo and have four women talk about men and add a pinch of platonic love and there you go.

Aside the trashiness and the nudeness portrayed in the series, i actually got around liking this one and maybe i would watch the movie someday. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are good friends and its easy to say who you like the best. I thouroughly loved Miranda.

The series ends with a rendevouz in Paris but if your bored to your bones there are many sites which screen them online or better yet you can read the book first. I would say just plunge into it and go with the flow.


Ms.N said...

the movie is nice... though a litte more "corny" than the original a a colleague of mine would say...

but, i think the seasons get better as they progress...