Monday, February 28, 2005

time files.... :(

the weekend came and went... on friday i saw myself rushing out of office to comfort seat myself in the bus and during the journey my frnd calls to tell me that they have booked tickets for the movie 'SHABD'..for all those who don't knw what shabd is all abt...its this movie where the husband forces his wife into an extramarital affair and at the end of it goes insane.. and the wife is stupid enuf to play along..
there were some things in the movie that was good.. one was the heroines sense of dressing and the way in which the house was furnished.. tht does deserve a mention!!! Kudos to the team!!!
also the movie costed me Rs.130/- while i shd have paid only 65/- since every dialogue between the wife and lover gets repeated by the husband..so u see its not really a 3 hr movie ...SIGH!!!
we came home and chitchatted abt nothing till 1:00 in the mornign..what else do u expect a bunch of girls to do..device a mechanism to reach the sun???
the next day started with a surprise note..instead of racing against the mad traffic we decided to settle at home.. sweet home and cook for ourselves..don't u dare think we are gettin old!!!
and it turned out to be pretty good.. the menu was decided and each person gets a dish to make.. and it was a yummy meal!!!
after which came the brains at work.. masterminding ourselves.. :D
the rest of the weekend was uneventfull... jus a bit of sleepin,eating..following the elections and then chattnig with folks at home!!!
back again in office ... working hard.. hardly workin??? :D
oh before i 4get... highlights of the day...my ex-mgr(is it right to say tht) sent me a long long mail..saying i am a wonderfull person..(OW c'mon) and i got a 3% hike and some bonus.. now isn't today my day... oh yes it is my day!!!!