Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Toast to a healthy me!!!

off late my life seems to have gotten disciplined.. well so to speak.. it really has!!
i have nothing but healthy foods, milk,dry fruits and druits.. well it def has been a great time ..so far so good!!! and i even tried my hand in cooking.. i can make bindi masala and aloo matar w/o worrying if am trying my experiments with my roommate as a guinea pig.. !!
and i have this penchant for cleanliness.. can u beleive i ran out of a house jus cos it was not :clean: :-).. but its becomes more pronounced these days .. well to a healthy life!!!

have been reading the woman of substance for a while now and cant wait to finish it.. and i can't beleive the week is almost over.. as in monday jus came and day after is friday.. and am goin home..yipee.. home sweet home!!!

there's nothing like travelling home.. waiting to see ur mom and dad.. and eat and sleep heartily.. there's nothing quite like that i know off.. and i don't want to know it either!!! home is my heaven!!!


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