Thursday, March 10, 2005

it happened again???

i was furiously typing away.. it was the first note i created.. for all those ignorant ones.. notes in the terminology mentioned is the kind of assistance u give a customer only its not over the phone but as a mail or smth.. its gettin too techy!!
it was nearing 7:10p.m..i usually be out by this time.. 'cos the rocket speed in which my bus leaves ..but today i missed looking at the clock... and then when i realised it was abt time.. i hurried fast... put all my stuff together and then scurried away to that side of my campus to where the buses are parked...
like every other day, when i start late the bus is jus abt to leave.. and like a bollywood heroine rush waving my hand.. hopin to lure my driver to stop.. and he does stop :))
so as always he stops and lets me get in.. and nobody can miss i-knew-u-were-hardly-working-but-chatting look and tht y-can't-u-girls-come-on-time stare... well as long as am inside rather than outside i don't mind his stares or the muttering under his breath!!! i pick a seat which is either in the front right beside the driver or the one farther behind where u can be assured some high-fies ..obviously i choose to sit at the farther end!!!
now he zips thro' the traffic and heads in jet-set-speed... and lands me home in somthing close to 30mins.. and is happy to let me go.. he still has a long way home..so i can't glare at him, if he starts the bus even when my foot is in the last step!!!
and then comes my wait in the pedestrian cross for abt 10 mins(someone told me if u get hit when ur at the pedestrian cross..then ur insured :D..funny!!) and then head home in break neck speed...
finally home-sweet-home.. i stretch my legs... and wonder how am still in one piece...???
and BHAM..enters my roommate.. i wonder..i din't see her in my bus.. was she invisble or did she float over right frm office??? so i ask her.. "How did u make it??"
she says.."Oh.. i missed all the shuttles.. and my mgr offered me a lift!!!"
ARGGHHHH... even if i did sport a sorry face..am sure with all the luck i have not a single soul would have offered a lift.. why me.. why me all the time????


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