Monday, June 15, 2009


I dont really know if its the books i read or spending a couple of weeks with my sister, i have new respect for this realtionship. When we were young, we were either fighting or scheming but now we added so many new perspectives to each other.

Looking up to her is a way of life for me and without a blink i would accept any opinion she throws. We have both learnt not to be judgemental of our choices and how to help each other with problems that really matter.

When i was a kid, i wanted to have a bigger brother. I assumed having one would be fun and he would shield me from all problems and take care of me. Now i would never trade having a sister. Not only is it easier to communicate but an elder one has often been there so she can give you a better ear to your problems.

We have grown from being best friends to confidants but we never let the silly kids in us go. Even now when i go shopping i get something for her and she never forgets to buy my favourite things. I can turn up in her doorstep anytime of the year and she is never going to ask a question and we have learnt to silently communicate with each other. A smile, a wink, a glance we know how to translate all that. I have learnt to appreciate the ways she looks out for me and her reprimands.

Its so much fun to have a sister and i feel so blessed to have one who is so special and i think its a special kick if you are the younger one.


Ms.N said...


i must say it must be fun to be the younger sister... though i cant imagine ever having someone bossing me around!