Thursday, May 07, 2009

Colors of life

We went shopping for curtains yesterday. I was adamant on buying something with color. I was bored of shades of brown, white lace or those dull half white ones. I wanted shocking colors - Brick red, sunsent orange, lemon yellow, leaf green, sky blue and wine red.

The idea of buying curtains in such loud colors would not please my husband, which is why i was harboring the colors in the safety of my mind. When i find what am looking for, i would ensure we buy it. Now dont call me cunning, this is how my gender works - atleast most of it. We dont proclaim what we want loudly and undeniably but find ways of getting it done - which is what matters.

The only pleasing color we found was a golden leaf curtain in walmart and i refused to pick anything else that was not in line with the colors i wanted. We have a brown sofa, black flat screen, brown coffee table, the house was screaming for color. P.S: We dont have a rug yet :-)

I have always heard from tourists to India how they are shocked by the colors they see there. Personally i have never thought of it as one of the prominent features of India. There were other things that made India special(to me). But after weeks of searching for color, i realize what we dont have.

Its spring time here, the leaves are a green that is so fresh and some trees have white, pink, purple, magenta flowers, even before the have leaves. It is uncouth to miss the colors you see while you drive by but what stops the designers to translate these colors to fabrics.

I'm not sure whether its the spring or the failure of my shopping expedition but i'm going to drink in the colors on my trip to India this time, to savour and relish later.


Ms.N said...

nvr did curtain shopping in US, but another friend also has the same crib :)

i guess u r going to be checking out fab and whole lot in india soon!