Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Exams over!!

After a long time, i was preparing for an exam. My mom was constantly reminding me to read and take some sample tests and i felt i was reliving my 12th.

But its not as bad as you think. I was preparing for the license test and my mom wanted me to get it right the first time even if the DMV was considerate enough to give me two more attempts. She said "Why three, you have to clear it the first time itself" like it was some kind of benchmark which will be used in judging how good or bad i drive. Besides i'm mighty sure that this news will travel to all streets and blocks in my neighbourhood in chennai :))

So i prepared and took a couple of sample tests listed in the website and i thought this was fairly simple. Use logic, throw in some common sense, learn a couple of rules and you are set. There were a couple of questions i dreaded about parking uphill, downhill but i had the answers memorized for them as well.

I took the paper and went aside to mark the answers. It was quite simple, what does flashing yellow mean, should you stop or pass, should you wait or cross and then the uphill question. As with all exams, the one question you fear the most will somehow appear in the exam with its twisted ugly face smirking at you and murmuring "Gotcha!!"

I marked all of them and gave it for correction and then when he was passing through the answers marking the wrong ones i was thinking of mommy dear :)
When he was done, i looked at him with a smile and Voila, I Cleared.

For a long time i dont have to face exams anymore. PHEW!!!


Anonymous said...

Driving well needs road sense, clearing the written test needs common sense. Now, think about parking uphill/downhill. Use common sense...when you park the car and if the parking brake fails when you are away, would the car roll onto the road and impede the traffic? Now, throw in a constraint in the form of a kerb and think again.

-You know me anyway...

Kannan Seetharamn said...

congrats for getting a licenses

Dhanjay said...

Gud, anyways i cleared written test recently with zero mistakes.

Meera said...

@anonymous: REALLY? So let me know :)

@Kannan: I'm just one step ahead and one step behind.

@dhanjay: Good for you!!