Friday, February 01, 2008

Dollar Dreams

Nobody is dreaming of dollars anymore with the value plummenting but being in the US has been a strange dream for many. Sometimes it comes with half the family migrated or with the neighbours envy or to get out of the great indian hypocrism. Neverthless the intentions dont matter.

Somehow i never assumed US would be breathtaking. I dint imagine coming out of the airport and not batting my eyelid and jaws dropping. It was quite like any other country i have visited and to think of it less picturesque. I dint think i would hear myself saying that India is better but thats true. Uptill now i think india is def better and more like home.

Ofcourse considering the fact that i have stepped out of the house only for a trip to Walmart and other whole stores, i havent explored California that much to claim that it is boring but somehow when you enter a new land, you get a feeling about it and that pretty much governs your stay there.

Although i started off in a dull note i hope this trip is more exciting than it sounds.
Cheers to me for landing in yet another country :)


Dammy said...

welcome madam .. so world-tour @SAP complete? :)
dollara dollara ...

This country rocks re .. how can Cal be boring .. huh .. atleast visit rockies near Canada ... if not am always there

Baejaar said...

Just like India, US too has a lot to offer. But invariably most of us are aware of only the common, well published places.

If you try to step aside from the trodden path, this place can surprise you.

But I do agree that if one is looking for a scenic place, its not US. My vote would go for Scotland.

Having said that there is nothing like Home, Sweet Home. And for many, any place outside the country of origin will remain just as a House.