Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Resolution

How can u lead a life where u get up at the same time,do the same things, see the same people and continue to do it the next day and the next and so on..
Have any of you asked these questions to urself? will tommorrow be another day or would it be a better day?
I used to think of these things when i started working. Why am doin this? Why is there a droning noise in my life.Why doesn't something spectacular happen every day?But i dont think the same way now!

I guess its all in ur perception. You always see things the way u want to see them!!
Everyday is a different day, full of surprises.
Every second in your life is full of surprises.
All u have to do is Beleive!!! And i did!!

There was a movie in tamil called anbe sivam. It had an influence on me. I cudn't forget it for a long time.I dint cry or wail when i saw the movie but there was a silence in my mind, a calm thought, sometimes i think this movie opened something deep in my heart. The prodding was silent but the effect was deafening. I had begun to question a lot of things that i was doing, i had begun to appreciate a lot of things that i had otherwise taken for granted.
The movie is about a man who fights for what he beleives is right. He falls in love with a girl and they decide to elope since her father does not agree to the wedding. On the way to the wedding the bus meets with an accident and although he is alive he is badly injured.A quirk of fate.The movie takes off from here.

The girl's father comes to meet this half-dead man. He says i pray for two hours everyday and the god i have faith in will never betray me.This is the crux of the movie. We pray to god and then we commit all sins and still go on with life thinkin one will make up for the other.
There are times when the movie takes u thro such curves which strikes a raw chord.

Love is the universal god. A man who can love unconditionally, who can shed a few tears for someone he does not even know, a man who beleives god exists but does not rule us is a god in himself.

How many times in a day do we jus cross the road unmindful of whether they wud be a lorry racing down on us. We always play it safe but what if the man on the other side doesn't? There are a lot of people who dont have clean water to drink.. how many of us keep the tap open as long as we finish brushing our teeth? People in africa or even in india still die of hunger. How many of us dont finish our meal and throw the rest in the dustbin?How many times have u ordered a delicious meal in a restaurant, did not complete it but left the plate like that? What stops you from packing it and offering it to the needy on the way home? NOTHING!How many of us would rather drop a 1000Rs in the hundi of a temple rather than offer it to a orphanage.
There are a zillion things that come to my mind right now. But these are all small things. We all can change but we dont and most of us wont. We carry on like nothing would change.Most of us would shrug our shoulders and say that they are unfortunate and its not your fault.Its not your fault that your on this side of the balance. Its not your fault that you see this world in rose-brimmed glasses.Its not your fault that you were born in a more fortunate family. But its your fault if u dont care. You could have been there without water, food or land.All we have to do is stop and think about what we are doing!We are all so selfish and self-centered. We care only about us, our family and friends. We have such a narrow vision.

This is my resolution. This is not a new-year resolution 'cos that means i wud jus have to do this one year through. A resolution that in my small way i would try and make this world a beautiful place to live in. I would think of the things am grateful for and love everything god has given me! It might take a long time before i sit back and feel a sense of acheivement but i'm goin to try. And this my friends would make everyday of my life a better day to live. A day full of surprises, satisfaction of having lived a life and not merely existing in this world!

(P.S: This is the not philosophy)


Priti said...

Very true, And well written.
Keep it up, I can't guarentee that i will also be careful about the things that you have written and that we all think all the time but never do it. But sure, your this blog page has given me a kind of inspiration and force to do the things as they should be. Thanks for reminding something that we should have done and do from now..

Sowkhya said...

First line of yours which speaks of the way we lead our lives... and same things, same people ...

I have asked these questions a Ziliion times to myself. I have always said "yes" to myself. At this point of time, I want same things, same crowd with me. I don't want anything to change around me. I want to simply sit back n enjoy my life without expecting any change which will come as storm and take away everything with it.
But...but...but the fact is our life has something new for us every moment. God has kept that element of "uncertainity" in life.
Genius God!

As you have said, we have to work towards making our life worth living and not mere existing.

(one again : its not Philosophy! :)) )

Anonymous said...

Well said.... Me..

You know what !!! the first time i decided not to waste food no matter what .... was when i was 12 years old ... since then i have never ... (I will stuff in all the remaining food as a punishment for taking more.. and this is as sick a feeling as not having food to eat)...

First time i decided not to garbage the city... was when i was in my first year degree... Now i dont even throw the bus ticket on the street.. Not that it is making lot of difference to the city .. But i am glad that i am not contributing to that any more...

I feel these are those small voices that speak to us that changes our outlook ... which most of the time we refuse to listen to ...

Keep the conversation ON inside you ... You will feel lot more confident about all that you do ...

Yes this is MY PHILOSOPY of living :-)

Savur, Atul said...

very well written. as we make smaller gadgets and bigger cars we have forgotten what it is like to be human.

advertisments and bollywood have us chasing dreams which werent ours to begin with. its not difficult to be thoughtful - it's just that we have forgotten how.

i guess your resolution is to be considerate and understanding - whether it be ensuring that your parked car doesnt block anybody else, or allowing people to cross the street. kudos.

and good luck to you, hope this blog inspires more to follow suit.


Rocking Chick said...

yeah...these voices come from within us....at some point in our lives..it came to me as a KID where hygene meant MOST IMP to me

its been yrs that i have not littered the road....even if i walked with the dirty tissue in my hand for a mile..
never have my parents allowed me to waste food...and i still follow it when i go out with friends...

this makes us a better person...and sure does contribute to the society we live in..
mayb i m the only one following it, but all my friends have piked it up from me...and my small contribution wud soon turn into a better tomorrow , for us and our future generations...

i wish more ppl get influenced from this...
i m already there.... :o)
Glad to have u around too ;o)

Praveen said...

Very Well written and its great that you point out that its not a new year resolution.

I guess each of us are selfish in our own little ways and more often than not think of ourselves first before even considering others. This is something we can really try to change.

I hope to those who read this (me included), its a harbinger for good intentions, noble thoughts and everything else that you mention in the post :)

Savur, Atul said...

@praveen: amen / tatasthu

Me said...

@priti:anytime and happy to have u on board!!
@sowkhya: Sometimes i feel that way i like this comfort zone in my life and am scared to disturb it!!
@anonymous:Identify urself :))
@atul:thanks atul and do u have fight club book..have been hunting for it!!
@rocking chick: i'll be there sometime
@praveen:Thanks for visting..

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