Monday, January 09, 2006

Friday night Fury!!

Thank god it was friday!!
I was releived that the rather hectic week was coming to a close.
I boarded the shuttle with a rather satisfied look and felt the air of satisfaction with my colleagues. Little did we know how uneventful this friday was goin to be!!
Although i hadn't booked any tickets for the evening and dint have any 'happening' plans to spend friday night..i was counting on stretching my legs and lazing ard.
While we had almost reached the outer ring road i told my apt-mate who was sitting beside me that radio city has just reported a jam in the ring road. We both hoped it would clear off by the time we hit the spot.
But nope, bangalore has its own traffic bottlenecks and this was the worst of all. We slowly rolled in to an already long lane of cars, trucks, buses, vehicles et al and finally the engine spat out and stopped.
People got out to stretch their legs and we got out to check the line and i was shocked.. for it was a maddening line of vehicles and extended till my line of vision and mostly definetly beyond it too. Yeh hai Bangalore meri jaan!!
So i started listening to radio city's traffic news and apparently the jam had started from around 5.00PM.It was almost 7.00 and there were no signs of any clearing up. So we told the driver to take a turn and hit another route but he preferred not to listen. So we waited. Another odd hour passed. Now all of us were restless.We were all stuck in traffic with nothing to do. My apt-mate and i tried to lighten the moment with some mallu learnings and games. But we were all pissed, darned irritated.
Finally the driver decided to take our advice and took the next u-turn and we were finally moving. It felt damned good to be moving again beleive me!! We rode through another hour and finally i was close to home. We got down somewhere close to my house and took a rick home. The girl who lives downstairs was just walking home when we closed the gate, so i stood to hear her side of the story. She was pissed and irritated and totally furious abt the traffic. I asked if they had taken the U and hit the alternate route.
It turns out that she had started only at 7.45PM from office and since they were already alerted about the traffic scene they had taken the alternate route and reached home. So some of them got lucky.
Yanyways the point is when something happens accidents, road mishaps the whole city grinds to a loud halt. I can only imagine if there were some emergency vehicles were struck in this god-foresaken jam. God bless.
But i have learnt to count my blessings so i shall wait for a day when there would be a direct flyover from my home to office or when my company would start offering sky-bourne pickups and drops!! Untill then long hours of wait on the roads are a part of my life.. What do they say.. 'If you can fight them, Join them'!!!


Kumari said...

I hate the Blr traffic. Back in 2001, much b4 all this population boom, it took us an hour just to get out of Electronics city and reach the Hosur rd signal :( I hated PS just for that reason.

Reminds me that I have to convince Mr to settle in Chennai :)

Arjun.C.N said...

back by popular demand huh???? this side is the best in you... brings out the truth in a rather subtle way... u rock!!!

Me said...

@kumari: Take my advice.Bangalore sucks!! :-))
@arjun: Yeah..Thx for stopping by!!