Thursday, June 30, 2005


In my college(the great BITS,Pilani) we have a tradition of having farewells in our hostels.. called bhawans farewell and we have a write-up for every person written by their friends.. here's mine:

5 foot 2, 1 KHZ slow and steady walk,2MB RAM filled with the latest gossip and 6.2 GB of the websters dictionary of pure local tamil words. Thats Me for you. She walks... slowly, she eats...slowly! She talks..my god..faster than what you can hear!! Me at the height of her story telling can make the silliest of gossip seem like an extension of tom cruise-nicole kidman break-up. As far as her 'catch me all of u can' walk is concerned the only time she increased her pace was when a hoard of bees mistook her for honey and chased her right across RAM, much to the disappointment of many who wished to do the same themselves. Her sporting capablities are not restricted to this . We think she did once play volleyball for BITS during BOSM. and then meera finally decided that senti sem was the right time to learn to be a lady.Starting out with making her presence felt and voice loudly heard at the thiyagaraja aradhana, she's ending it up with shaking her legs to music.. which some do call dancing.Talk to her for 5 mins and you find her humourous vivacious and intelligent. Its only after she walks away do u realise that many of the jokes were infact about you. Well things arent as bad as it seems... she can move mountains to help her friends and make you feel that you are the best person in her life. She waltzed through her CDC's and plans to barge into IT Solutions. But ofcourse Me with friends like us ur bound to go places!!!!

Man what a write-up!!! :)))