Thursday, June 30, 2005

Do " I Do" ?

So many wedding snaps of seniors and juniors and people u know, dont know(it doesnt matter..they send u the link to yahoo/photos.com or shutterfly.com) and am looking at them... and a door opens in the back of my mind.. am i ready to say 'I do' yet?

I like my life now.. no strings attached.. u can step in and out of your house without the need to make dinner by 7 without the need to think of saving for the future.. u can sleep till ur roomie calls u a sleepy bum and throws u outta the bed to share "the household work".. hit a pub and get sloshed..nobody cares.. no worries.. jus life between you and you... no ugly arguments.. no compromises!!!

But i also think.. how nice it would be to clad myself in a kancheevaram silk saree.. gold chains, glass bangles that jingle with every movement you make, flowers that proves u do have a sense of smell, mehndi decorating your hand.. standing next to u is the man whom you will spend the rest of ur life with...
eyes dreamily looking at the flash of the camera.. fingers that twingle and the comfortable silence... no more solitude walks.. a sense of sharing creeps into ur world and for once it might not just hurt...belonging to another family as well..
it doesn't sound all that bad...now does it???!!!!mebbe am ready to say i do.... or mebbe not!!!

should wait and watch it.....!!!!signs of the girl turned into a woman??


vignesh said...

too dreamy?
anyway good luck(for a sooner wedding bell)

Me said...

sooner? no way..later mebbe :))