Thursday, January 27, 2005

who are u??

yesterday was republic day...i was listening to radio city and there was this question abt whats the difference between independance and republic day..c'mon people can't be that ignorant or can they? interestingly, i read the hindy editorial only to find that the grandson of the queen of england dressed as a Nazi officer on the 'holocaust' day.. man are we gettin anywhere at all....???
we are supposed to be in the technology era and we cudn't predict the tsunami.. and the indian meteorological dept says they dint have the technology..well u gotta blame it on something right?? if u ask me i have a feeling we are stepping backwards than moving forward!!!
the talk of the day is linux, Q3 results.. padmashri awardees.. man din't anyone think of the common man at all?
When i saw swades i was amazed with the directors line of thinkin'.. and the movie cudn't have released at a more approppriate time!! with so many indians flying back and forth like its nobody's business.. here is a man who's making an honest attempt to make u think for a moment.. y are u rattling back and forth? y are u living oceans apare? y make more money when u can't be beside ur loved ones? is this freedom? quick money? isn't there a subtle message in this movie that is worth a thought?
well yes... i guess most people now claim an onsite assignment as a status symbol or a money spinner or an edge in the matrimonial column... well isn't there a life beyond all this?
when u look back over the years that rolled past u..don't u think u shd have done something more than jus typing furiously on the keyboard.. its TRUE.. everybody has to make a living.. and everybody needs a money.. gone are the days when u don't get a job that suits ur profile.. honestly i consider that gibberish.. ur just not lookin at things the right way.. after all..
"Winners don't do different things... they do things differently"
thats precisely the reason i liked 'ayutha ezuthu' also.. and there was this talk abt having all MBA graduates go thro' two year of politics.. personally i think that's the brightest idea i've ever heard.. imagine an all educated governance.. can u ask for anything more????
was it yet another day yesterday?? it was REPUBLIC day... and am not saying don't leave india and start flying elsewhere..am sure u can be an Indian living in australia... but are u really that??
or u a mixed breed?
Religion and culture should discipline u..after all, if religion wasn't there, there wouldn't be a way of living.. but one is not superior to another!!! and if there isn't culture then there is no discipline..but there isn't a best culture .. u can take the best of both and still live life..
but deep down.. who are u??
I beleive in Waters running deep.. rather than shallow ... so to speak.. everybody out there.. think abt it.. are u really what u thing u are? or are u fooling urself???