Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Breaking Point!!!!

There are times when u reach the limits...all u want to do is to shut down this stupid monitor and rest for a while.. get some good sleep, read a good book.. have a casual stroll, feel the breeze in ur face and run ur fingers thro' ur not-so long strands!!!! well i did some of these but there was still this unsettling feeling in me.. something was troubling me.. for a few days now.. there's this restlessness abt mt.. call it mid-life crisis or mixed emotions.. whatever the reasons be ..i can't seem to make peace with myself...!!!
As far as my memory goes i have always made decisions i have been proud off... never had a second thought abt them.. its only now i realise there are some shortcomings.. i actually don't care abt the decision itself.. i care more abt the people who get affected by the decision..something like if i decide this way wud that person be happy and if i decide this way would this person be happy.. i've actually not thought abt myself.. and i guess that's the greatest shortcomings of it all.. u have to think abt urself before u even give others a thought!!! otherwise u'll end up like me wondering why u made this decision and why ur not happy abt it anymore...
atleast with great resolve if can remove the bearings of the decisions that din't go quite right.. then i'll have a happy and delightful life!!!!