Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reality Shows - No Brains Please!!!

Just when i was cheering Mavericks ousting Lakers from NBA and booing Lamar for his unsportsmanly conduct, i caught a glmipse of Khloe & Lamar - The reality show which aims to take a peek at the lives of Khloe Kardashian(ring a bell) and Lamar Odom. Frankly, i just wish they shut their windows tight...nobody wants a peak at anything. So as a confused follower of the first amendment to air anything, i turned off the idiot box.

Reality shows are where the big bucks are. I'm not even sure what constitutes to reality shows anymore. I thought MTV hosting candid camera was a reality show until you see the beelines of Kardashians, Jersilicious, Jersey shore, Real Housewives, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Apprentice etc... The only one i have watched an episode of is The Bachelor to satiate my curious mind.

From my (limited) knowledge, the first few episodes of the reality shows are astonishingly similar.
  • If the show is about a couple, their fairy tale wedding with cleavage sporting bridesmaids would be aired. Friends would ooh and aah about the proposal he made and how deep and meaningful their love is. Kekaravan kenaiya iruntha...
  • If the show is about a group of girls, it would talk about how they were best of friends and how their shared everything from lip gloss to life partners..Ahem..
  • The wife would have OCD and the husband would be ABCD...no...ADHD.. and we would be BOHH(banging our head heavily)
  • The wife's/girlfriend/housewife's ovulation cycle and how it is in their calendar to do it. You will even have an assitant consuting her black book to read this out to you... Its a matter of time before facebook status feeds have this information. Manangetta makkal, i say
  • They would fight about which frangrance their perfume line should be about, what color their million dollar nursery would be, which island they should vacation in...Thupuketta pasanga.
  • Finally it has to be about, how he doesnt spend any time with her, he is always at work, having fun with his men-friends etc.. sweetheart all our lives are like that!!
You would have to leave your brains behind if you want to watch atleast one episode of these shows, they dont even provide entertainment. Yet most of them are extremely popular...My take is if you want to torture somebody, then tie them to a chair and make them watch Khloe & Lamar. Mission accomplished.


PreethiVeen said...

nice on Meera...I completely agree...useless reality shows and I wonder who watches all this to give them the ratings to continue!!!

anubharat said...

Lol, Meera, your words are so so true with a wonderful touch of humor.I always used to wonder, who watch such programmes. Now I have company. I love the way you write - no fancy stuff, just plain simple facts. keep them coming.

Ms.N said...

haha... but can i say i used to watch keeping up with kardashians, and u hate it, but cant stop watching it!

but i do like american idol...