Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What's in a name?

Ok.. am opening Pandora's box now!!!
It all starts when you get married... for many its not an option, for some its an inconvinience and for some its a required hindarance... ofcourse am talking about the SURNAME fiasco!

Some of us change our surnames without worrying too much about it, others have nightmares about it and worry that our identity would undergo a massive destruction at the face of such a change.

So what's in a name? For years you are called using a certain surname and then to change it in the middle, would you start feeling like a different person.. should you feel like a different person? Is that the whole logic behind such an illogical fiasco? Why does society, legal entities demand such an ill-possessed change? Or am i the only person who ponders in vain for such small changes in letters?

That being said, there is sense in having a family name... something that unites the members like that of a league or a club name. Society was predominantly a male oriented community since they were the earning members(once upon a time) but with so much that has changed should we start making a change with surnames too? Or should we let it be, since this is least of the problems which we have amidst us?

Now if you are wondering what i did with mine... i will not appease your curiosity that easily :):)


Ms.N said...

haha... tell tell pls!

Shanthi said...

Nice post.