Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When the grinding stops...

If you grew up in India and ended up married in USA, you would have a fair idea of what am talking about.
Right till my 12th, i dint pause a moment to think about why should i go to school everyday. It just happened and all i wanted was to ace my exams, score well in the entrance and get into a college that i dreamed off.

As with the rest of the flock, stayed put in college for 4 years, dint try to ace the exams. Fitting in, making friends, learning something about life and computers, i graduated(little bit of color). There were campus interviews to worry about and i did get through them and got a nice job in Chennai. Happy about the fact that i was returning home, i boarded the train as a graduate. Something to be proud off.

Worked hard for 5 years, raced the rats, got some accolades, travelled a bit and met some interesting people. Finally life catches up with you and i got married.

Disclaimer: Now this has nothing to do with marriage, USA or being a NRI.

With the economy hitting rock bottom, many of us ended up as dependants, students and entreprueners. When the grinding and racing stopped, am stranded. We are a generation spoilt for choice but then there is such a thing as too many. It doesnt help when you need to factor in 5 years of future into your decision.
I'm thankful that am not part of the race anymore. I've had the time to reflect on what i truly want(which seems to be taking a long time) and i have learnt not to be too hard on myself. I can finally take a break but i am still trying to enjoy it.

So its true.. the grass is greener on the other side huh?