Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Great Way To Fly

People who have travelled through Singapore Airlines would definetly agree with me that it is a great way to fly.

The staff are amiable and dont frown on you when you ask for an extra glass of water.
I had some bitter experiences flying Lufthansa and i wasnt cashing on all the free beer mind it!! Just one cup of water.

Anyways, singapore airlines had me enthralled from start to finsh.

They have more leg space in their aircrafts. They even give you a vanity pouch with socks and a tooth kit.

You have menu cards for supper and lunch and the food is good. Its not like dining in Sahibs sindh sultans but what more do you want when your amidst clouds.
They screen some really good movies on air. I managed to watch Break-up and The devil wears Prada on air.

All in all am totally looking forward to flying Singapore Airlines on my way back.

Thumbs up to them!!


J~ said...

Can I foward this blog to my travel desk...
So that they make sure I never fly with Singapore Air...hahaha

Glad u had a nice time...

Ms.N said...

o - ive been lookin up ur blog for ur se asia update - wats tai chi btw?

Me said...

@J: Feel free.
@ms.n: Tai chi is chinese martial art.