Monday, June 19, 2006

Willkommen nach Deutschland

I landed in Germany amidst frenzied football crowd.
I still haven't got sight of Ronaldinho but havent given up yet :D

I stay in Walldorf, a quiet village so to say.
But with Worldcup in Germany, not a single place is sparred.
Yesterday at 12.00 in the night we heard a vroom of cars with flags and fans screaming. France and Korea - 1 -1.

The sun doesnt set here until past ten and its a little weird to retire for the day when its so bright outside. I hear the europeans like this. There are times in winter when the sun never comes out (like in Sweden). So they look forward to the summer. And once summer comes they rent caravans and set out for a vacation to the beaches and the like where there's plenty of sun. How much i take the sun for granted and curse it :D

I have also realized the Germans are pretty good at driving. On the Autobahn, you can drive the fastest in Germany. People change lanes depending on their speed and the speed of the car behind to leave way. Its amazing. Also when you cross the border to a neighbouring country you will know the difference.

Germans are also more organized and meticulous about their lifestyles. There is no commotion and everthing is almost always in order. Being in a foreign land open your eyes to a plethora of things. My first lesson here has been time is precious so dont take it for granted.


j~ said...

Wow..Glad u havin a wonder time at germany… lucky u are on that side of the world where the biggest party is on..
Lane discipline is somehtin which is truly amazin in the Europe.. ..reminds me of the saying “Live and let live”.. because both leisure drivers and the speedies get a fair chance.. am sure we guys have to take a slice out of that for our roads…
Hope u enjoyed driving through the long well lit tunnels.. truly fascinating…

Stefan said...

I'm really glad that you like it here in Germany and I'm sure you'll have a great time taking part in the biggest party of the world!

Me said...

@J: I'm trying to get hold of a car to whiz ard.. nobody trusts me though.
@stefan: Thanks.I'm having total fun.

Anonymous said...

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