Monday, November 14, 2005

One Friday Night...

Friday Evening: Apt-mate calling in to say she is held up with meetings and wont be able to make it till late night, please keep something to eat she adds :((
Stuck on a friday night alone..wondering what to do??!##$@#$%%!!!
Should i watch all those movies in Star and HBO back to Back? Naah.. will do that on Sat&sun :D
Try something new for dinner? No energy.. toast something on the pan and gobble it!!
Go for a nice plesant walk? who wants a walk now?

The lingering question: What to do? what do i do?

"EUREKA" where was that.. it should be here.. search in the book rack, cupboard in the showcase.. man did i dump it somewhere.. search beneath the bed and behind the cot.. where the hell did this disappear when i need it most?
think think.. where did i keep it?
look behing the TV..Bingo.. there it is..hiding quietly.. 'The bridges of Madison County'.. had borrowed it from a friend and compeltely forgot..

So heat something in the stove.. start reading the first few pages..and sniff snif.. something is burning.. whoops..all the rotis have become slightly colored.. ok they are burnt.. Its not my fault..robert kincaid had me hooked!!

Then as i go on reading that book.. i can picturise IOWA.. i can visualise the Roseman Bridge.. i can see francesca blushing scarlet everytime she looks at handsome robert...

This is one book that had me hooked from start to end!! Love eternal.. such love exists only with a few people!!
In this universe full of ambiguity, this kind of certainity comes only once!!! what a powerful statement!!!

Sometimes all of us think abt those special moments which we have heard so much about in movies, seen it happen to our friends.. the smitten love.. and we have wondered..would it happen? does it exist? we also have friends who claim that love is for convinience ..its all bull-shitting and total time pass..
Stuck between them, we wait till we come off marriagable age.. get married.. but love.. love like what francesca felt for robert.. filled with sweat, dreams, passion, care, compassion.. love that transcends distance and time... love that exists in their hearts forever..love that can never be forgotten.. that is LOVE in the pure sense of the word.. LOVE that is worth waiting for..LOVE that lasts a lifetime.. LOVE that make u smile when ur alone.. which brings back sweet memories..LOVE that makes you long for it.. make you want to relive those memories..
LOVE that is shared even when all your teeth have fallen..love that blossoms in war-fronts...LOVE that can never be rationalised, reasoned or discussed.. Just be felt..
LOVE that is worth waiting for.. LOVE that is all-consuming.. LOVE is eternal!!!

I jus wish there were pictures of Robert Kincaid!!!i really wish.....


mama said...

oh no, this blog is overflowing with love!!!
u cud probably get hold of the madison county movie, i think it stars clint eastwood and meryl streep. its well adapted to the book.

Me said...

mama, thts precisely how i felt after reading that book ;-)
yet to see that movie jus a lil' wary abt getting the DVD :))
tx for droppin by!!

Arjun.C.N said...

so back after so long!!! welcome back... i've not read the book still but heard a lot about the movie and book...

hope u enjoyed the Burnt Rotis!!!

Raghini said...

Welcome back to the blog world!

Kumari said...

Nice post. Actually after watching the movie, am happy thinking of Clint Eastwood as Robert Kincaid :)

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